Wednesday, April 20

Everyone A Chance to Hear

Have you heard? Local churches are teaming up (along with Robin Sullivan) to give everyone in our region - over 3.5 million people - a chance to hear the Good News of Christ. Their website tells us that they hope...

  • To see tens of thousands come to faith in Christ . . .

  • To see churches and church leaders working together as one body . . .

  • To see substantial growth in our existing churches . . .

  • To see momentum in the planting of many new churches in our region . . .

  • To permanently alter the spiritual landscape of Southeastern Michigan . . .

  • To make a statement to a watching world: Detroit IS rebuilding, and JESUS is the foundation of our comeback!

  • So how can you participate? 1st and most important thing: PRAY for EACH. To learn more about them you can check out their website at
    Also, you can participate in a Flash Mob. We will be doing the big thing on May 14th (location and time to be unveiled very close to the date). Practices are on May 7th and 10th. I think it is too late to learn the dance or singing part, but you can probably still come and be "freezers". They are trying to get 400 people to come together and freeze for about 30 seconds. Please, if you want to do it they would love to have you, just email Robin Sullivan at

    Well, that's it for now, but PLEASE if you can't make it on the 14th or make it to any other Each events, please pray for it. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


    Robotics Competition!

    Hey, so Robotics on Saturday went well. Actually, as well as it could: we placed 1st getting 2 perfect scores one in 41 seconds and one in 49 seconds!!!!! Also, our friends placed 1st in their competition, getting 2 perfect scores each in 16 seconds or something like that! Yay! On to World!

    Here us a video of our first round, taken by someone at the Competition:

    or watch it on Youtube:

    Well, I'll see ya later,