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Monday, August 22

Word blog post

Whoa…. This does work‼‼ as molly did in the post"
I'm testing this…" this has been posted thru word‼!

space needle:

The real space needle:

Lego space needle:

My space needle:

Type the space needle:
                  \   /
                  |   |
                  \  /
                  |  |
                  |  |
                 /   \
                |     |
               /      \
             iiii iiii  iiii
            //          \\

Friday, August 19


sorry i havent posted in a wile, the pool is taking up my life. gtg into the pool. bye!

Thursday, July 28


*see: molly's blog for details...

Thursday, June 23

leaning tower of pisa/pizza

        ( )

leaning tower of pisa

leaning tower of pizza


Tuesday, June 14

Here are some pix of our pool being installed...

here he is digging the hole

they are delivering the sand for the bottom of the pool is smooth.

they are marking the boundary for the pool.

they are putting cement slabs down for the supports. 

They are putting up the walls... they already put the sand down. 

the walls are up... 

they are leveling out the sand 

they are putting up the liner

the liner is almost up...

the liner is up, and the pool is filling!

the pool is filling as i speak. approx 6 sec. per gallon (or less!)

~ Max P.

fyi-- the pool is about 20,000 gallons.

Yay it worked! - molly <3
Hello im testing this new thing I set up where I can post via text message. If you see this it worked!


Alright, I know I haven't posted in a while. Ok, a long time. But we are getting a pool installed in our yard and it is sort of taking over our life. Even now I am on our iPad blogging from the terrace so that I can watch the pool guy, Dave, dig up the area. Here is a picture of what I see:

Never mind. Blogger can not upload from the iPad. So I will have to describe it: Dave is in this awesome little bobcat digger. (I LOVE IT! HE ACTUALLY LET US GET PICTURES SITTING IN THE DRIVERS SEAT! and if you need a Christmas gift idea...) he has leveled out about a 30 foot diameter circle. Our pool is actually 27 feet in diameter, but he needs a little extra room. Now he is measuring out the 27' area. He will spray paint it with an orange circle.

There are many bugs flying at my face. It is quite inconveniencing. I know, bug spray would be a good idea. But I already used some, and the bugs still love me. Great to be popular, huh? :)

Ok, so now he is spray painting. He did two circles so that he knows where to start going deeper. (the middle is going to be 6 feet). The smaller circle is about 3 feet or so smaller than the big circle on each edge. Dave's companion in pool installing, Sean, is starting to dig out the smaller circle.

Yay! The Bushel Mart people are here! They are bringing sand to use underneath the pool! And they finally arrived!

Ok, so anyway, later today some guys are coming to really install the pool. They will put up the walls and put the liner in. We should be able to start filling tonight.

Ok, gtg. Sys!


Saturday, May 21

Molly's blog

Hi y'all,

So here's the current scoop -- Molly has a blog also now:, but all her posts will be uploaded here too. So that's the scoop.


Molly's blog

Hi y'all,

So here's the current scoop -- Molly has a blog also now:, but all her posts will be uploaded here too. So that's the scoop.


Friday, May 20

Google sketch-up 8 (again)


Before, I (max) told you about sketch-up. here is some more.

I have started on a new house....

isn't it cool? you can make houses to! go to:

Q & A with Molly: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Questions and Answers with Molly (Molly wrote both the questions and the answers)

Topic: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: In my opinion, yes

Q: Do a lot of people die in it?
A: A fair amount

Q: And you still like it?
A: Yes. But please, let’s stick to questions about the movie and not about my preferences

Q: Are there any parts in the movie where you said “Why did they have to put that in?”?
A: There is some language which I did not appreciate. There was also some stabbing and a part where someone gets killed by a propeller blade (at which part my mom warned me to cover my eyes, and I did, thankfully). I also didn’t like the drinking or the part where they open the ark and someone’s face sort of “melts”. That last one won’t be understood unless you’ve seen the movie

Q: Were there any good parts?
A: Of course! Do you think I would have liked it if there weren’t? There are quite a few humorous scenes and I like the action scenes also. If you don’t like suspense and action, then you probably wouldn’t like this movie

Q: That leads me to my next question: would most people like this movie?
A: It all depends on their tastes. Just like I might like Japanese food and someone else might despise it, and at the same time they might like mushrooms and I don’t because mushrooms make me gag. So it all depends on tastes. On the Internet Movie Database it is rated 8.7 stars out of 10. On, another movie review site, they tell us that 93% of viewers liked it. So for the most part, I would say people like it
Data collected from and on 5/20/11 at 3:45 PM

Q: Does Indiana Jones live through this adventure?
A: I do not plan on giving away the ending of the movie. But here’s a hint: there are 3 more movies, all also titled ‘Indiana Jones’. Just something to consider

Q: Were there any parts where you could tell it was wasn’t real?
A: It was a movie. I knew the whole thing wasn’t real. But because I wrote that question, I know what I was trying to ask. Yes, at one point where they are in the plane it is obvious that it is a fake plane. Some of the violence is sort of unreal also. But for the most part, I felt that it was realistic and I was immersed in the movie as the director probably intended.

Q: Who was the director?
A: Steven Spielberg

Q: Have you seen any of his other films?
A: Yes. He produced E.T. and An American Tale, both of which I saw

Q: Were they any good?
A: Can we stick to the topic of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Q: Alright. Do you like the theme song?
A: YES! I do quite a bit. But, it is very catchy and after watching the movie today I walked around humming it for a very long time.

Q: Does the theme song have a name?
A: As a matter of fact, yes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just “the anonymous Indiana Jones theme song”. It is called “The Raiders March” composed by John Williams.

Q: About the “melting” face you mentioned earlier. How was it done?
A: According to Wikipedia, they made a gelatin and plaster model of his face and exposed it to a heat lamp. The spirits in the same scene were filmed underwater to give the effect, and the sounds the spirits made were dolphins’ and sea lions’ screams mixed together. When the Nazi car drives off the cliff, it is actually a miniature car and passengers made to look like the car filmed over a matte background.

Q: When was this movie made?
A: It was released on June 12, 1981

Q: Is there anything else about the movie that you think the general public should be informed of?
A: If you watch this movie, please do not think it is ok to:
·         Drive a car off a cliff
·         Ride underneath a quickly moving truck
·         Get surrounded in snakes
·         Make friends with evil people
·         Shoot people
·         Kick people
·         Punch people
·         Kill people
·         Go on a dangerous quest in search of a sacred Ark

Q: Anything else to be highlighted before we call it a day?
A: Not that I can think of. I would suggest not watching this movie right before bed or watching it with no idea what it is about and all the blood and gore in it. But now that you’ve read this amazing question and answer session, there will be no problem there!

Q: Great! Thanks for all your time!
A: What do you mean? Being that I am you, it was really your time.

See ya next time!

Wednesday, May 18

More State Facts!!!!

Hi! Max here. I said in the post "cool state facts", that I would have more state facts coming soon. Well, here are some more!

The song “Happy Birthday to You” was invented in Kentucky. 
The first McDonalds opened in Illinois.
At Christmas time in Santa Claus, Indiana, they receive over a half-million letters and requests for Santa.
Max was born in Michigan.
Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin is the nation's largest water-themed park. 
West Virginia was the first state to have a sales tax.
The first Thanksgiving in North America was held in Virginia.
Neil Armstrong was from Ohio.

well, I cant find the doc with the other ones, so, as I said last time:

Sorry :( that's all i have for now. more will be coming!


Tuesday, May 17

Cool Quotes -- please leave some of your favorites in the comments!

So FYI world -- I am crazy about amazing quotes. As a certain person knows (Because I wrote her 2 letters, altogether consisting of 80% quotes). So please, I beg of you, post your favorite quotes as comments to this post. That will make me smile :)

Misquotations are the only quotations that are never misquoted.
-- Hesketh Pearson, Unknown , Unknown

Everywhere is walking distance if you have time. (Steven Wright)

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up. ~Allen Klein

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. - Vidal Sassoon

Age is of no importance unless you’re a cheese. - Billie Burke

If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you. – Unknown

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

~Albert Einstein

James Dean

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.
-- Wendell Johnson

Consider the postage stamp, my son. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.
-- Josh Billings

For some strange reason, no matter where I go, the place is always called "here".

-- Ashleigh Brilliant

Ruth E. Renkel
Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.

but I refuse
To stand and watch the weary and lost
Cry out for help
I refuse to turn my back
And try and act like all is well
I refuse to stay unchanged
To wait another day to die to myself
I refuse to make one more excuse
~Josh Wilson in his single I Refuse

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. ~Mark Twain

The family fireside is the best of schools. Arnold Glasgow

When you are reluctant to change, think of the beauty of autumn. ~Unknown

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Unknown

Some "ponderisims":

Who was the first person to say, 'See that chicken there? I'm gonna eat the next thing that comes outta  it.' 

How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire? 


Sorry I haven't posted in a while

We've been kind of busy. But still, that's no good excuse.

So what's been goin on?

-We competed in World Robofest! 4th place. At least I'm just a little bit glad to be finished. We dismantled out amazing robot Sweep today ;*(( -I will miss her- but she served us well so we are happy for that. Our friends in Sr. Division got 2nd place at World (YAY SUCHBROS!!!!!). And they all lived happily after. Except Sweep who no longer exists.

-We did our flash mob!!!! I could write a whole post on this but I am low on time. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! Check out a video: 240 people were participants. Think of how many people we were able to witness to! I gave out 5 tracts within 4 places. YAY!!! Amazing oppourtunity!

-My cousin Caroline turned 7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Well, I got to go, but I'll see ya'll soon. Keep in touch! And keep commenting!


Friday, April 29

Max's 2wordstory


When I was younger I was afraid of a lot of things, but God helped me overcome my fears.


-Max P.


My 2wordstory

Please visit for more information about 2wordstory.


When I was younger I always wanted my hair to be different. One day I would want it to be straight, the next day I would want it curly. Later that week I might want it blond, and then I would prefer auburn. I was never content with how my hair was at the moment.

Through the song More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz, God showed me that "[I was] made with such care, [my] skin [my] body and [my] hair are perfect just the way they are". I now know that there could never be a more beautiful me, and God made me the way I am for a reason. I have learned to be content with my hair and the way I look.

Content? Content.


Please, after reading this, if you feel led to share a 2wordstory (using one word to sum up how God changed your life), please please please post a comment to share it with us. We would love to read it!

Free Christian Music Downloads that are legal

Here are a few sites to download free Christian Music that are all legal:

For Klove, look near the bottom right of the screen. For this one you need iTunes installed on your computer. To download iTunes, go to (it's a totally free download)


Wednesday, April 27

I’m testing this…

I am just testing creating a blog post going through Microsoft Word. If this is visible to you, I guess it worked!



Tuesday, April 26

Each Freeze

Hi everyone, Molly here :)

I just wanted to let you know that I am participating in a Flash Mob for EACH (Everyone A Chance to Hear -- please visit and we are looking for people to "freeze". All this would be is coming to 4 different places (locations to be revealed on that morning) on May 14th, a Saturday. You would freeze for about 30 seconds in whatever position you are in. Robin Sullivan, the lady who is sort of in charge of this, is hoping to get 400 people altogether to be there that day. We have between 100 and 200 currently.

If you can make it on the 14th, we would love to have you! If not, we totally understand. Please pray for us that we would truly give Everyone A Chance to Hear.
Happy National Pretzel Day!  :D

Wednesday, April 20

Everyone A Chance to Hear

Have you heard? Local churches are teaming up (along with Robin Sullivan) to give everyone in our region - over 3.5 million people - a chance to hear the Good News of Christ. Their website tells us that they hope...

  • To see tens of thousands come to faith in Christ . . .

  • To see churches and church leaders working together as one body . . .

  • To see substantial growth in our existing churches . . .

  • To see momentum in the planting of many new churches in our region . . .

  • To permanently alter the spiritual landscape of Southeastern Michigan . . .

  • To make a statement to a watching world: Detroit IS rebuilding, and JESUS is the foundation of our comeback!

  • So how can you participate? 1st and most important thing: PRAY for EACH. To learn more about them you can check out their website at
    Also, you can participate in a Flash Mob. We will be doing the big thing on May 14th (location and time to be unveiled very close to the date). Practices are on May 7th and 10th. I think it is too late to learn the dance or singing part, but you can probably still come and be "freezers". They are trying to get 400 people to come together and freeze for about 30 seconds. Please, if you want to do it they would love to have you, just email Robin Sullivan at

    Well, that's it for now, but PLEASE if you can't make it on the 14th or make it to any other Each events, please pray for it. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


    Robotics Competition!

    Hey, so Robotics on Saturday went well. Actually, as well as it could: we placed 1st getting 2 perfect scores one in 41 seconds and one in 49 seconds!!!!! Also, our friends placed 1st in their competition, getting 2 perfect scores each in 16 seconds or something like that! Yay! On to World!

    Here us a video of our first round, taken by someone at the Competition:

    or watch it on Youtube:

    Well, I'll see ya later,


    Friday, April 15

    Odd realization

    Have you ever heard the song "Blink" by Revive? If not, I suggest that you go on Youtube right now and listen to it. It talks about how life goes by in a blink. And literally, I couldn't agree more.
    The other day we were having a conversation in the car and for some reason someone brought up that in 4 years I will be an adult. (Defining an adult as a person who is 18 years old or older.) That means that in November I will be eligible for drivers ed and the year after next I will be 16! Wow! That went really fast!
    I remember when I first met my friends: when I was 6 for some people and when I was 8 for others. I remember when my cousins and brother were born. I have vivid memories of playing outside with my neighbors when I was seven. I remember getting our dog in 2005.
    I think that we all need to remember to "slow down before today becomes our yesterday". Take a deep breath and live in the moment. Savor the amazing life God has given to us.


    I cant believe it! robofest is tomorrow! Luckily our robot "Sweep" is done!

    I'm so excited!!

    Last night I was talking to a friend I haven't seen since last Summer. Her family moved out of state (about a 14 hour drive away) over a year ago. It was really hard to say goodbye. Have you ever had something similar happen? If you have, you know how hard it is when you must say farewell and you don't know the next time you will see them and run up and hug them (if you are both girls :). Sure, we talk on the phone, text, and occasionally email each other, but it feels like ages since I've seen her last.
    Anyway, she is going to be coming to visit in just 3 DAYS! I'm so excited to see her again! Really right now I'm just praying that the whole thing will work out with God's hand in it.
    To Valerie - can't wait to see you! You're awesome!
    And to all the rest of my friends - I love you all too and thanks for being such awesome friends!
    To everyone out there who knows me - hope to see you all soon and I hope God blesses you in a special way!

    Thursday, April 14

    Things I've never done or I've just recently done

    Things I've never done:
    -eaten a hot dog
    -eaten a hamburger
    -eaten beef, ham, pork, or bacon

    Things I've just recently done:
    -tried Gatorade
    -sat in an awesome recliner (last September)
    -started a blog

    I need to go now, but I might post some more later!


    Milestones in our history

    No, I'm not talking about the kind of milestones like when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated or when Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. No, I'm talking about milestones in our family's history. To all the rest of my family, you can add to the list if you like :)

    1990 - Mama and Daddy got married!

    September 1995 - They moved into the house we now live in (where Max and I have lived our whole lives)

    1997 - Molly was born!

    1999 - Max was born!

    2001 - we started homeschooling

    January 21, 2002 - Daddy started his job at Pfizer

    October 2002 - Homeschool literature group was founded

    June 16th, 2005 - Toto was born

    Oct 6th, 2005 - Toto was adopted

    June 11, 2007 - Pfizer closes and Daddy starts his job at Thomson

    Fall 2007 - Co-op was founded

    May 8, 2010 - Molly and Max (along with two friends) won World Robofest!

    Summer 2010 - Molly and Max discovered Frappuccinos

    Spring 2011 - Molly started this blog

    I will add more as I think of them :) See ya, Molly

    Duck Tape Car I was talking about

    For those of you who read my post about my duck tape dress and heard about the car covered in duck tape that I mentioned, here are a few pictures:

    Cool, huh? -Molly

    cool state facts

    TX -- More wool comes from Texas than any other state.

    MN -- The stapler was invented in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

    AR — The pine tree is the official state tree.

    MO – Missouri is known as “The Show Me State”

    IA – Iowa is the only state that starts with two vowels.

    LA -- Louisiana is the only state in the union that does not have counties.

    Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

    Alabama workers built the first rocket to put humans on the moon.

    Georgia was named for King George II.

    South Carolina’s state amphibian is a Spotted Salamander.

    CA – more people than any other state

    CO – Spanish for colored red

    UT – where the meeting of the rails was

    AZ – state amphibian is the Arizona tree frog

    NM – “the land of enchantment”

    KS – center of 48 states is in the

    North central part of Kansas

    OK means Land of the Red People
    Okla = People
    Homa = Red
    Choctaw Indian words

    ND is nick-named The Flickertail State

    Because of the many flickertail squirrels
    Found there.

    SD – the heads on Mt. Rushmore are
    5 stories high

    NE – the first state to celebrate arbor day

    Sorry :( that's all i have for now. more will be coming!

    -Max P.

    Things that inspire me and other things I love

    I have decided to make a list of things that inspire me and other random things I love. Ya'll can post in the comments thing that inspire you if you want to...

    1. Plays -- I've never really liked musical movies but last Summer we went to a Shakespeare play in the Arb (a park in Ann Arbor) and I could not stop humming/singing the whole way home (there was a huge storm chasing us home that day)
    2. Awesome Summer days that aren't too hot and aren't too cold and there's just enough wind that you can't even feel the air around you. Don't know if you've ever experienced one, but if not I feel bad for you. It makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs to praise God!
    3. My dog -- sometimes I'm laying next to my dog and for some reason it gives me an inspiration. Odd, huh?
    4. Little Accomplishments -- For example, there was the day that I discovered how to connect our robots by Bluetooth. I was practically flying around the house :) And making Spaghetti is fun, too. Random thought.
    5. Kindness -- It really inspires me to be nice when someone is nice to me. For example, when someone holds the door for me I like to hold the door for someone else and pass it on. Funny story -- one time I held the door for 2 people and they went to return the favor holding the door for me. They opened two doors that had a pole in the middle. I had a hard time deciding which door to go through :) if that made any sense at all...
    6. Smiles -- I guess this sort of falls under kindness, but I love smiles so much I have to mention them on their own. When someone smiles at me it makes me want to smile back as big as i can :)
    7. When people say my name -- I heard a quote somewhere that went something like "I love it when you say my name because then I know that I crossed your mind, if even for just a second". Whenever someone says my name I know that they thought about me :)
    8. Oh, and some things I love -- Jesus #1, my family #2, and my friends of course! Jesus -- I LOVE YOU and I would be eternally lost without your guidance! Mama, Daddy, and Max -- I am BLESSED to have a family so loving and caring as you! To ALL my friends, I don't know what I would do without you!
    9. Blogging! As you've probably guessed, blogging inspires me! (after I write one post I can't stop!) And it's fun too. To anyone who doesn't have a blog, I encourage you to get one! (and as my dad says, remember: there is very little difference between "blogger" and "frogger". Always remember that.)
    10. MUSIC! Music is critical. Music is amazing. Music is inspiring. I love music! Fave artists: Owl City! Francesca Battistelli, Kutless, Chris Tomlin, Chris August, Casting Crowns.

    GTG -- See ya! Molly