Tuesday, June 14

Here are some pix of our pool being installed...

here he is digging the hole

they are delivering the sand for the bottom of the pool is smooth.

they are marking the boundary for the pool.

they are putting cement slabs down for the supports. 

They are putting up the walls... they already put the sand down. 

the walls are up... 

they are leveling out the sand 

they are putting up the liner

the liner is almost up...

the liner is up, and the pool is filling!

the pool is filling as i speak. approx 6 sec. per gallon (or less!)

~ Max P.

fyi-- the pool is about 20,000 gallons.

Yay it worked! - molly <3
Hello im testing this new thing I set up where I can post via text message. If you see this it worked!


Alright, I know I haven't posted in a while. Ok, a long time. But we are getting a pool installed in our yard and it is sort of taking over our life. Even now I am on our iPad blogging from the terrace so that I can watch the pool guy, Dave, dig up the area. Here is a picture of what I see:

Never mind. Blogger can not upload from the iPad. So I will have to describe it: Dave is in this awesome little bobcat digger. (I LOVE IT! HE ACTUALLY LET US GET PICTURES SITTING IN THE DRIVERS SEAT! and if you need a Christmas gift idea...) he has leveled out about a 30 foot diameter circle. Our pool is actually 27 feet in diameter, but he needs a little extra room. Now he is measuring out the 27' area. He will spray paint it with an orange circle.

There are many bugs flying at my face. It is quite inconveniencing. I know, bug spray would be a good idea. But I already used some, and the bugs still love me. Great to be popular, huh? :)

Ok, so now he is spray painting. He did two circles so that he knows where to start going deeper. (the middle is going to be 6 feet). The smaller circle is about 3 feet or so smaller than the big circle on each edge. Dave's companion in pool installing, Sean, is starting to dig out the smaller circle.

Yay! The Bushel Mart people are here! They are bringing sand to use underneath the pool! And they finally arrived!

Ok, so anyway, later today some guys are coming to really install the pool. They will put up the walls and put the liner in. We should be able to start filling tonight.

Ok, gtg. Sys!