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Q & A with Molly: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Questions and Answers with Molly (Molly wrote both the questions and the answers)

Topic: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: In my opinion, yes

Q: Do a lot of people die in it?
A: A fair amount

Q: And you still like it?
A: Yes. But please, let’s stick to questions about the movie and not about my preferences

Q: Are there any parts in the movie where you said “Why did they have to put that in?”?
A: There is some language which I did not appreciate. There was also some stabbing and a part where someone gets killed by a propeller blade (at which part my mom warned me to cover my eyes, and I did, thankfully). I also didn’t like the drinking or the part where they open the ark and someone’s face sort of “melts”. That last one won’t be understood unless you’ve seen the movie

Q: Were there any good parts?
A: Of course! Do you think I would have liked it if there weren’t? There are quite a few humorous scenes and I like the action scenes also. If you don’t like suspense and action, then you probably wouldn’t like this movie

Q: That leads me to my next question: would most people like this movie?
A: It all depends on their tastes. Just like I might like Japanese food and someone else might despise it, and at the same time they might like mushrooms and I don’t because mushrooms make me gag. So it all depends on tastes. On the Internet Movie Database it is rated 8.7 stars out of 10. On, another movie review site, they tell us that 93% of viewers liked it. So for the most part, I would say people like it
Data collected from and on 5/20/11 at 3:45 PM

Q: Does Indiana Jones live through this adventure?
A: I do not plan on giving away the ending of the movie. But here’s a hint: there are 3 more movies, all also titled ‘Indiana Jones’. Just something to consider

Q: Were there any parts where you could tell it was wasn’t real?
A: It was a movie. I knew the whole thing wasn’t real. But because I wrote that question, I know what I was trying to ask. Yes, at one point where they are in the plane it is obvious that it is a fake plane. Some of the violence is sort of unreal also. But for the most part, I felt that it was realistic and I was immersed in the movie as the director probably intended.

Q: Who was the director?
A: Steven Spielberg

Q: Have you seen any of his other films?
A: Yes. He produced E.T. and An American Tale, both of which I saw

Q: Were they any good?
A: Can we stick to the topic of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Q: Alright. Do you like the theme song?
A: YES! I do quite a bit. But, it is very catchy and after watching the movie today I walked around humming it for a very long time.

Q: Does the theme song have a name?
A: As a matter of fact, yes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just “the anonymous Indiana Jones theme song”. It is called “The Raiders March” composed by John Williams.

Q: About the “melting” face you mentioned earlier. How was it done?
A: According to Wikipedia, they made a gelatin and plaster model of his face and exposed it to a heat lamp. The spirits in the same scene were filmed underwater to give the effect, and the sounds the spirits made were dolphins’ and sea lions’ screams mixed together. When the Nazi car drives off the cliff, it is actually a miniature car and passengers made to look like the car filmed over a matte background.

Q: When was this movie made?
A: It was released on June 12, 1981

Q: Is there anything else about the movie that you think the general public should be informed of?
A: If you watch this movie, please do not think it is ok to:
·         Drive a car off a cliff
·         Ride underneath a quickly moving truck
·         Get surrounded in snakes
·         Make friends with evil people
·         Shoot people
·         Kick people
·         Punch people
·         Kill people
·         Go on a dangerous quest in search of a sacred Ark

Q: Anything else to be highlighted before we call it a day?
A: Not that I can think of. I would suggest not watching this movie right before bed or watching it with no idea what it is about and all the blood and gore in it. But now that you’ve read this amazing question and answer session, there will be no problem there!

Q: Great! Thanks for all your time!
A: What do you mean? Being that I am you, it was really your time.

See ya next time!

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  1. What?!?!?!? I was just going to drive off a cliff! You mean that's not safe? You're joking, right?
    Great post, Molly!
    Is this your new favorite movie?
    P.S. In case you are wondering about my sanity because of that first paragraph, I was joking.
    I'm a safe driver.
    Don't ask Allison for verification on that. :)