Tuesday, May 17

Sorry I haven't posted in a while

We've been kind of busy. But still, that's no good excuse.

So what's been goin on?

-We competed in World Robofest! 4th place. At least I'm just a little bit glad to be finished. We dismantled out amazing robot Sweep today ;*(( -I will miss her- but she served us well so we are happy for that. Our friends in Sr. Division got 2nd place at World (YAY SUCHBROS!!!!!). And they all lived happily after. Except Sweep who no longer exists.

-We did our flash mob!!!! I could write a whole post on this but I am low on time. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! Check out a video: 240 people were participants. Think of how many people we were able to witness to! I gave out 5 tracts within 4 places. YAY!!! Amazing oppourtunity!

-My cousin Caroline turned 7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Well, I got to go, but I'll see ya'll soon. Keep in touch! And keep commenting!


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  1. I'm glad you're back. :) And it's good to hear that you all lived happily ever after. (Except for Sweep) ttyl